Brylee's Story 


If you would like to donate to help Brylee's family, you can do so with Paypal above or a check can be sent directly to Brylee's Fundraiser:

Brylee Gagnon

Attn: Dan Bagley

The County Federal Credit Union

82 Bennett Drive

Caribou, ME 04736


Thank you very much.

Brylee's Story

Brylee was born on 8/8/13 with a very rare disease called Leukocycte Adhesion Deficiency.  This disease makes her little body unable to fight off infections.  Her only hope is a stem cell transplant. She almost died when she was just 10 days old when a bacterial infection overtook her tiny body.  That is when doctors diagnosed her.  After spending a month in the hospital to clear the infection, she is back home now on prophylactic antibiotics and other medicines to try to keep her infection-free until she is about 12-18 months old.  That is when doctors at Dana Farber Hospital in Boston feel she will be strong enough to survive the chemo and transplant.  Her parents will be with her for the six months she must remain in Boston after the transplant, leaving behind their other children to be cared for by grandparents.  Mom will stay the entire time, and Dad will come back home to work as soon as Brylee is stable. We ask for prayers that Brylee's medicines are able to keep her healthy so she can continue to grow big and strong in preparation for the chemo and transplant she must endure.  Thank you so much for thinking of our little girl.